Some characteristics of the French NITC market

In 2009, NITC generated more than 100 billion euros in revenue, over 1.2 million jobs, and was number one recruiter of engineers

Information systems technology has become a vehicle for modernization and competitiveness for either private or public sector companies

  • Annual growth of the French market is about 5% ( 3% for the rest of Western Europe, 2% for the US)
  • France is among the leading markets in terms of Open Source
  • Based in France, a foreign NITC company can easily penetrate the European market

France is your gateway for your business in Europe

France is the second largest consumer market in Europe and the fifth largest economy in the world

France is the first investment destination in Europe and the world's second largest recipient of foreign investment

France is the European country where the costs of establishing a business are lower (including labor, facilities/utilities, transportation and corporate taxes)


Main advantages of the NITC market
 in France

  • Skilled labor at a competitive cost compared to its Western counterparts
  • Expertise of existing organizations
  • Presence of big industry players ...
  • Patterns of distribution of NITC products and services are very extended

Delivery of services associated to implementation of NITC products (installation, training, maintenance...) are mainly done locally to ensure a better responsiveness and a greater cultural integration