You wish to settle in the U.S.A.?

10 questions you will ask yourself

1) What and how to get a visa?
2) Taxation, before and after moving
3) Where can I find a job or how to start a business? (All formalities, how to hire ....)
4) What kind of health insurance?
5) How to find accommodation? Is it better to buy or rent?
6) How to find the school, nursery for children?
7) How to make networking?
8) How to organize the removal
9) Learn English
10) Translation Service

You want to set up your business in the USA!

We will review your needs and you will be linked to our lawyers, accountants and insurance experts, specialized in immigration and entrepreneurship. Each of our specialists will handle the steps related to his expertise : Incorporation of your company, registration of your visa, building your business plan, preparation of your accounting and taxes, drafting or reviewing your contracts, hiring new people, preparing your internal rules .... We will be there to advise you on your tax optimization.

We will also help you to get the insurance and health protection for you and your family, to find a job for your husband or your wife, find a school or a nursery near your accomodation, link you with our business partners who can help you!

Among our partners we work with W. Mullen law firm which has more than 300 offices in the USA. They are specialized in issues of immigration and corporate set up or partnerships between French and American companies.
We also partner with Jade Associates, Realtor Welcheirt relocation specialists, Michael Page U.S. for your job search, Alan Carey, Director of Global Business Inc  specialized in finding business angels, Phoenix for every logistical issues, Invest In America, government organization promoting the establishment of foreign companies ...

With our a la carte service, we can help you on every step of your project.

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   A successful set up in the USA
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How to succeed in the USA